AYO Light Therapy Glasses Review [2021]

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AYOLite Light Therapy Glasses

The AYOLite light therapy glasses are one of the most comfortable light therapy wearables available on the market.

  • Great for Jet lag
  • Personalized Programs
  • Lightweight
  • Have to use companion app

The world of light therapy glasses is a growing industry, but AYO has quickly emerged as the best product on the market. And it all comes down to one thing: technology. While other companies use older methods to produce any type of therapeutic light, AYO uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to produce blue light specifically.

The LED technology allows the glasses to be brighter than other products on the market. And this brightness increases their effectiveness in helping you achieve your health and wellness goals.

When you buy AYOLite, you’ll get a hard case, a cleaning cloth and glasses. The lenses are polarized and include UV protection to keep your eyes safe.

If you want the benefits of blue light therapy but don’t want to go outside or sit in front of an artificial device all day, AYO has the solution for you: AYOLite glasses.

What are AYO Glasses?

AYO’s newest light therapy glasses are named AYOLite. They have many upgraded features when compared to the older AYO models.

AYOLite glasses use blue light to replicate natural sunlight and stimulate the cells in your eyes.

AYO harnesses circadian light to naturally stimulate your brain and body. This wearable device is developed by experts in the field of light therapy.

By using these light therapy glasses for only 20 minutes one time per day, you can start to see better sleep, improved mood, and increased energy in 2-5 days.

Many people claim that regular use of AYO glasses has helped them combat symptoms of seasonal affective depression (SAD).

AYOLite Features

The AYOLite glasses are designed with the user in mind. These glasses are well designed for optimal eye comfort and convenience. They are lightweight and compact, which is perfect for travel, and come in at a low price point so they won’t break the bank!


AYOLite Glasses are extremely lightweight. They only weigh 1 ounce, making them the lightest and most comfortable light therapy glasses we’ve tested.

One Size Fits All Frame

The one size fits all frame, allows for people of head shapes and sizes to have a comfortable experience during their light therapy sessions.

Personalized Recommendations

If you have questions about the best way to get the most out of your light therapy treatment, simply reach out to the AYO support staff and they will give you a customized plan to follow.

Automatically Turns On/Off

The AYOLite glasses automatically turn on when placed on your head, and turn off when removed. Never worry about forgetting to power down your unit.

Benefits of Using AYOLite Glasses

ayo glasses benefits

The AYOLite light therapy glasses are the most advanced eyewear in the world. They’ll help you improve your sleep, reduce stress, and increase energy levels by stimulating melatonin production. And they do all this while protecting your eyes from harmful blue light that can cause damage to your retina.

Enhanced Energy

Blue light therapy has the capability to increase the body’s natural energy by suppressing the production of melatonin.

All-natural Sleep Aid

Regular use of the AYOLite can help combat insomnia and mild sleep disorders without the use of drugs or harmful chemicals.

Beat the Winter Blues

People who suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD) claim that the regular use of blue light therapy helps them beat the winter blues by better controlling the circadian rhythm.

How to Use AYO Light Therapy Glasses

ayo ayo light therapy glasses

Step 1: Attach AYOLite light therapy glasses to your head by using the elastic band. You can use them while laying down or sitting up, but if you want to stimulate your brain then it’s recommended to use them while laying down because it is easier for them to emit light stimulus towards your brain.

Step 2: Turn on the lights by pressing down for one second, and then releasing it when a green light appears. You can alternate between 3 different colors that you want to emit from your glasses by tapping your finger on the bottom of the frame. Sometimes you will have to make a color cycle back to green after choosing red or blue because this action will start the light cycle over again.

Step 3: After you turn on the glasses, stare at them and let your eyes get used to them for at least 10 minutes (or until you see an afterimage of the glasses when closing your eyes). The reason you do this is that staring directly into bright LED lights can damage your eyes in the short term, and you want to avoid that from happening.

Step 4: Once you feel comfortable with the brightness of the light, then close your eyes and start using your imagination (visualization) to think about what kind of mood or mental state that you want to achieve. Stay consistent because it takes time for your brain to associate a certain mood with the light that you are seeing.

Step 5: Now that you have found your desired mental state, then be sure to record what color of light was used as well as the time on the clock if possible. That way once you put your glasses back on, you can easily tap one button to get back into your desired mental state. If you choose not to use the clock display, then tap both of the bottom buttons at once and it will cycle back to green again, but remember that you only need 1 button if you are using the clock display (if you press down on both bottoms or just one bottom at a time, they will light up green).

After you complete these steps, then the lights should shut off on their own after 4 minutes. After that initial cycle of 4 minutes is finished, the lights will turn back on again for another 3 minutes, and so forth until you tap them to turn them off or if they begin to flash red which means that the unit itself has timed out.

Where to Buy AYOLite Glasses

You can buy AYOLite glasses on Amazon or through AYO’s own e-commerce store.

Best Alternatives to AYO Light Therapy Glasses

There are many quality alternatives to the AYOLight light therapy glasses. Below are the 3 best alternatives that we have reviewed:

Final Thoughts

AYOLite light therapy glasses are the best, most comfortable light therapy glasses I’ve ever worn.

You can wear them for hours without feeling any discomfort or noticing that you’re wearing anything. They also block out all of the natural light which is perfect if you want to use it in a dark room and maintain your circadian rhythm during winter months when there’s very little sunlight outside.

If you suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), these will be an absolute lifesaver!

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